What Human Trafficking Is…

“Human Trafficking, commonly referred to as ‘modern day slavery,’ is a global phenomenon that involves obtaining or maintaining the labor or services of another through the use of force, fraud, or coercion in violation of an individual’s human rights.”
-International Association of Chiefs of Police

“Human Trafficking is currently the second largest source of income for criminal groups after drugs and arms smuggling.”
-United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

What Human Trafficking Is Not…

  • Only happening in foreign countries
  • Only a big city problem
  • Human smuggling
  • Only happening somewhere else

Human Trafficking Facts

  • More than ½ the victims of human trafficking in the United States are children.
  • The average age of initial human trafficking entry into the commercial sex industry in the U.S. is 13 years old.
  • 52% of recruiters for human trafficking are men.
  • Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 72 Wisconsin counties.
  • Humans being trafficked for sex are a commodity because they do not need to be replenished when sold (like drugs or guns). They can be reused over and over and over.
  • Most Americans believe this only happens outside the U.S. -Karine Moreno-Taxman, Milwaukee Federal Prosecutor